Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Must Have Been The Pizza!

Word Count - 6250

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I guess I would have to agree - that slice of cold pizza I had after I blogged really did the trick. I am buzzing right along now. It's slow at times, halting at others. I always want to use unusual names for secondary original characters and in this story I decided to name characters after constellations as (I ended up doing Harry Potter fanfic as my original story died at 800 words, so I don't have any character profiles made up. ) my main character is Luna Lovegood. I have a Carina (her mother) and a Cassiopeia (her aunt) - Last name Corvus. I feel so badly like I am cheating - but I really, really tried and this is all I can come up with!

Did you know that there is a Draco constellation? I didn't! I bet Malfoy thinks they named it after him.

Anyway, thought I would post my prologue. The whole thing will probably end up on eventually unless it really sucks - then it will only be available in my recycling bin.

The Fractured Fairy Tale

He shifted the tiny silver shoe from hand to hand while he watched her from the safety of the trees. She stood with her back to him in the quiet, the sole being at the end of the mossy dock that rose out over the lake. She looked so peaceful that it seemed almost a shame to disturb her, but disturb her he must. He had been searching for her for far too long to turn away now.
And yet, he was unable to move. His feet stood glued to the spot, refusing to the take the first step to remove the vast space between the two of them. Instead, he watched her silently while her hair blew in the wind, a curtain of blonde that whispered over her shoulders and back, he found it captivating. Even in the beginning, when there had been so little that he remembered, he  remembered her hair - remembered it spread over his pillows in the moonlight.
It was brighter now that she stood in the sunshine and as he watched her, he wondered why he had not figured it out sooner. She had been right under his nose all this time, working just two doors down from his shop - and yet, all this time, she had escaped his notice. That she had done it on purpose mattered little. He should have known. He should have realized…
She shifted slightly, causing the boards of the dock to creak and breaking him out of the semi-trance. He gripped the shoe he held tightly, wrapping a fist around the delicate stilleto heel, then took a step onto the dock. Each step brought him closer, the moment that was so long overdue - now seconds away. Only a few yards separated them when he stepped on a loose board and it creaked loudly under his foot. She turned to face him and in her eyes - at last - he saw the truth that she could not deny.
It was her. It really and truly was her. At last ... he had found her.
They stared into one another’s eyes, silver into brown, while the moments ticked away in silence. Questions heavy in the air, rushing forward where they were met with resistance, and he realized then - had it been up to her, he never would have found out that she was the one. She was afraid of something, it became obvious as he looked at her closer. Yes - she was afraid. But why - what could she possibly have to fear? They were friends, they had known one another their entire lives - why…
And then he noticed something that he hadn’t  before. Something that she could no longer hide - though she was desperately trying.
His body began to shake and the delicate silver shoe fell from his hand and landed with a heavy thud upon the dock.

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  1. This is awesome! So laden with deep emotions and delightful pauses of detail!