Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Eight - The Time of my Life

Word Count - 20189

What a difference a day makes!  I woke up this morning revved up and ready to go; once again I am excited about NaNoWriMo and my project. I would like very much to credit this to some great explosion inside me, some great awakening and spiritual thing, but the truth of the matter is - it had little to do with me.

I've had different approaches to socialization during NaNo my four years participating. In 2008, I hardly knew the forums existed. 2009, I knew the forum was there well enough to have a couple unsavory experiences, 2010 I was quite aware the forum was there and experienced enough unsavory experiences that I almost abandoned NaNo altogether.

Last year I was drawn to the Harry Potter area of Fans and Critics. I've always thought that Harry Potter is different for adult fans than it is for younger readers. Older fans can understand Harry's struggles perhaps better than your average 10 to 20 year old. Where they see whining, an adult can understand the suffering for the pain and indignity he has faced. Where they see him being stupid, we can see nobility and sacrifice. But, try to explain that to someone who is too young to have really experienced life, who has never had to make a decision that effected the well being of anyone but themselves - some have not even had to do that, their most important decision has been what jeans to wear to school. So how can they possibly understand? Needless to say, this argument was not popular among the 13 to 20 year old set who could only see my argument as an attack on their maturity -  another sign of  immaturity. I wasn't particularly popular there-particularly with the critics. Honestly, I am amazed my account wasn't banned thanks to a bratty little boy who insulted my daughter and my parenting skills. I had to let him have it with both barrels, it was a matter of principle, it just had to be done.  No one fucks with my daughter and walks away alive. Period. = )

This year, I am finding a different forum experience altogether. I am pretty sure I know the reason why, besides staying out of Fans and Critics I mean - this year I am playing with people my own age. I am not sure why I've never really spent much time in the 30-40 area of the forum before. I suppose part of it was because that is where most of the overachievers hailed from, and I've always been a bit discouraged by the colossal word counts. You can also chalk it up a little to denial. Fifty is getting closer, I am not particularly pleased about that to be honest.

But the truth of the matter is, this year, I am having the time of my life! I have met some truly awesome people this year, people that I hope I will somehow manage to stay in touch with over the course of the next year and beyond.  I love logging in and seeing responses from my insane pal Tigerlily who thinks so much like me it is kinda scary, and Keltickitten who knows better than to encourage my insanity, but does it anyway!  I love reading Sebastian's insane messages, and Shen's responses in Google+. Derek's tweets always make me laugh and my Google+ crew are always there with a word of encouragement, and on and on and on - there are just too many to mention that if I tried, I would be here all day!

There are just no words to say how much everyone has encouraged me, there are so many of you that I feel really bad that I can't list you all. If I didn't mention you, please know that it isn't because of lack of appreciation and gratitude, I am just too old to remember every name and too feeble to type them all - Over 150 amazing human beings on Google+ alone, another 25 on Skype, 5 more on Twitter, everyone of you, a smile just waiting to happen.

So I thank you all, each and every single one of you for sharing your NaNoWriMo 2011 with me. You are all dear to me, each and every one.

Just thought you ought to know.

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  1. =D I have barely touched the forums this year but I have to say G+ is fantastic and folk like you have kept me going. Gods knows I was ready to quit this weekend.
    You know I love the banter and your writing is awesome too =D